Long range Xbee controller Part 2 of 2


It was a great experience for me to develop the PS3 Xbee controller. The project got a lot of attention on several websites. But I think there are still some things missing or to improve, thats why I will do a re-design to add/improve features:

● Arduino compatible (bootloader, programmable via usb).
● Dual force feedback.
● 2.4GHz 60mW Xbee pro module (option!).
● 2.4GHz Wi-Fi module (option!).
● Low profile pinheader to solderless attach the wireless module.
● Wireless module configuration via the usb port.
● Open hardware/software.
● 15 digital buttons.
● 2 x Analog triggers.
● 2 x Analog joysticks.
● Lipo battery 3.7V.
● usb auto charge of battery.
● Almost 0uA standby current.
The controller uses an ATmega328P, the same as used on the "Arduino uno". This makes it very easy to adapt the Arduino platform on the controller. You can upload your sketches via the usb port. The hardware and software is open for everyone, this makes it possible to program your own functionality into the controller. You can directly configure the Xbee/Wi-Fi module via usb with for example the X-CTU application for the Xbee module. Just set the UART software switch in the right direction (programming example provided!). The battery will charge automatically via the usb port. 


There is a pinheader mounted on the bottom of the pcb! It is possible to use a pin compatible module like the "Wifly" from Sparkfun: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10822. Please remember that there is limited height available for these modules. If you want to mount a module that needs more height, you probably have to de-solder the pinheaders and mount the module directly to the controller board, the original footprint for the modules is also available on the board.
Arduino files:
- boards.txt
- pins_arduino.h
- DoubleshockController.ino


Example project:
Besides the Wireless control of vehicles there is another feature:
The controller sends serial messages to the USB port, so even without wireless module it is possible to control something like a game on your computer with the controller (Force feedback!). 

Matej Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Great. I'm glad there is an update to your project!
But what now? Can we help? I want this last year 

Marcel Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Hi Matej! Thank you, hehe. I've already prepared a IndieGogo crowdfunding project, please send me a e-mail, I can send you a link. You can help spread the word about the controller! I want to reach several innovation sites.

Madhu Thursday, 27 February 2014
Hello Marcel,
Can you please post the Indiegogo link here as well?

Marcel Thursday, 27 February 2014
Hi Madhu, the Indiegogo campaign is live now! Please visit: www.indiegogo.com/projects/awesome-ardui...ubleshock-controller

janpags Sunday, 16 March 2014
hi marcel! plss send me the link too .janpags24@gmail.com tnx

Anonymous Friday, 28 March 2014
I don't think you'll be able to reach your funding goal. Would you be willing to just release the PCB design?

Anonymous Tuesday, 01 April 2014
Hi there,
I have two questions….1) Is this the original ATmega328P board that comes with the controller and 2) I tried the sketch and I get a "Timer1" was not declared on this scope" can you help? I would really appreciate it.

Joe Strout (of BotScene.net) Thursday, 10 April 2014
I just now learned about this -- too late, or I would have gladly contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.
I'm sure you must be disappointed. But I don't want to see this project die — the world needs this! Any idea what your next move will be?  

Marcel Friday, 11 April 2014
Hi Joe, thank you! My next move is Kickstarter!  Kickstarter will be available in the Netherlands starting from the 29th of april.

Joe Strout (of BotScene.net) Friday, 11 April 2014
OK, I think that's a good idea. Please let me know when you do — I'll help promote it on my blog!

Marcel Tuesday, 29 April 2014
The Kickstarter campagne is live now!! www.kickstarter.com/projects/759432827/u...-controlle?ref=email

Corey Friday, 30 May 2014
I'm sorry the kickstarter didn't meet the goal. I want one of these soo bad! If you decide to make and sell, let me know!

Anonymous Monday, 23 June 2014
hola a todos, me gustaria saber como conectar el modulo xbee al mando de ps3 y otra duda es , se necesitan dos xbee uno en el mando y el otro en el arduino ??

Anonymous Monday, 23 June 2014
Hi, control and open my ps3 and I see no where to connect the input module Xbee

Anonymous Tuesday, 05 August 2014
I would love to see some type of mod like this for the playstation move navigation controller

Anonymous Wednesday, 08 October 2014
Hi do you have any board that you hhave in excess that your willing to sell?

Buddha Thursday, 09 October 2014
also im starting a robotics and aeronautics learning club will be doing projects with the boy scouts and schools, i am interested in tying to help u get this funded.

Punyviking Tuesday, 20 January 2015
I found this Kickstarter long after it was closed! I still am willing to pay for a pcb or a finisihed board. Please start selling this in some form! If there was a small OLED display showing battery status of the controller and some info from the xBee, simple telemtry!
Awesome project!!

Treath W Friday, 29 May 2015
Maaaaaaaaaarcel where are yooooooooooooou. Hit me up mate! treathw@gmail.com

Marcel Friday, 29 May 2015
Here I am!  New project will come in the next weeks

Treath W Friday, 29 May 2015
Hahaha you cannot tease like that. Pretty excited to see what the new project is! I've really sunk my teeth into my roving mower project. Just building the track system for it now. I'll definitely need your help with the controller and set up! Let me know when your "New Project" is released and I'll make sure I spread the word here in Australia. All the best mate! Speak to you soon.

Anonymous Wednesday, 24 June 2015
Ziet er goed uit!
Waar heb je de PCB laten maken en hoe heb je de surface mounts gemaakt?

RyanW 2 weeks ago
I really want one of these. How can I get one of these? I fly quadcopters and always think i wish I had a playstation controller. email me with details if there is a new version or you still have some of these.

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Chris Murray 03/05/2016 - 07:53 pm
I would buy three of these. Is there a minimum order we could put together to convince you to run a small batch of these? I would even buy it as a kit and hand populate. In my group we could probably come up with 10-15 boards. Please let me know, this needs to be a thing! With the ps3 out there's a huge surplus of ps3 controllers!
JonnyS 02/21/2016 - 12:08 pm
Any news, please let us buy it in some way, i can help you for a store website if you need, just let us know, thanks